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There are only a few unavoidable things in life. Death. Taxes. Waiting. While others may be working on a cure for the first two, we have decided to tackle the third.

Line Snob, is a location-based social network that monitors lines and provides wait times. This is achieved by combining user and venue generated information with innovative social and gaming elements to deliver accurate real-time wait data.

Line Snob appeals to both the consumer as well as venues. Anyone can use it as an information tool to help make smart decisions. It is a social networking tool for people who like to share their experiences with their friends or who are looking to make new ones. For venues and companies, it is a great marketing tool to heighten brand awareness and increase traf?c. It is also a great resource for a venue that is always looking to improve ef?ciency and learn about their customers.

Line Snob was made in partnership with Mobomo, LLC.